Where are they now!

The Miss Horne Amilcar CGS – ex Ron and Peter Davis (Found)

It was not known for many years the state or whereabouts of this car, and it had been lost due to the fact it had been tucked away in a shed in Melbourne, Australia, completely dismantled.

The car was owned by Peter Davis’s father Ron for 40 years. His son, Peter, happened to be chatting to someone a few weeks earlier and told them that he had an Amilcar, a De Dion, and a Mettalurgique and a heap of other parts. The Amilcar was used furiously by Miss Horne and it was campaigned at a few local hill climbs and here is pictured under the sign at the start of the great ocean road in the 1920’s and is the only known Melbourne-built Hotchkiss aluminium body still surviving.

The word soon got out it was for sale, one thing lead to another and the car was bought by Angus Mitchell after a short chase. There were many people hot on the heels of the Amilcar due to a connection through Australian Bugatti circles. Angus managed to fend the other buyers off due to his long family association with Amilcars.

Ron Davis bought the CGS from Miss Marjorie Horne who was into expensive French vintage cars which included a Bugatti type 40. The Amilcar lived in a shed with the Bugatti from the end of WW2. Obviously security for the premises was a problem as someone stole the type 40 Bugatti engine from the car… a wave of the magic want and voila a type 37 engine may have appeared on the market! The missing engine was later replaced and the Bugatti was restored. The Bug is currently owned by Helge Hauk, Austria. It was much longer down the track before the dead original Amilcar CGS came to light.

Upon arriving at the premises the Grand Sport chassis was there, hanging in the roof of a dodgy outdoor shed, partly in the weather. It had primer on it and it was in good condition. The back axle (stripped to pieces like the rest of the car) was sitting upside down in the roof. The rear axle was sitting in the same shed but upside down under a loose sheet of iron… it was full of water. In fact the tin hat that sits on the rear of the axle was completely rusted away. The axle had some minor rust but appears to be fine and has the rear axle number 533. It took many hours to sort out the parts which were scattered around widely, both undercover and outside, but it was found that all of the components were original and correctly numbered, plus a number of spares! This will be a wonderful and unique car when rebuilt.

There was also a G series Amilcar chassis that had been converted into a special at some point with a tree growing through it!

Amilcar C4 – last owned by Terry Michael


Last seen with Terry in the 1980’s at the Mitcham Shopping center car park before an All French Day. Terry or the C4 hasn’t been seen since.

Terry Michael bought this C4 roadster from Bill Jamieson in the late 1980s.

It is an all-original T.J. Richards roadster with dicky seat and original tools fitted. It looks like a ripper of a car and a perfect example of the Richards body.

This might be the only picture existing of Terry (standing left) with his neat little car taken at a French Car Rally in 1991. At the time, Terry was living at Vale Park, but since this time the car and Terry have disappeared without trace.


Amilcar C4 – owned by Ken Winch (Possibly Found)

Amilcar C4 Adelaide

Last seen on Ebay in Adelaide, South Australia.

Was sold by the Winch family to someone in the Sporting car club of SA who fiddled around with it, painted it a horrible orange colour and tried to on sell it for a profit.

Unfortunately it was put up for sale without offering it locally within the Amilcar community or vintage sports car club. The car turned up at an auction house in the USA but since then little is known.

Originally the car was white with blue wheels.

UPDATE – it appears the car has turned up back in France of all places, after travelling to the USA for a brief period!

Dedicated to keeping these cars on the road and having fun

!Mitchell 099

The main worry about driving an Amilcar in Australia, is that you have enough petrol to make it to the next pub…

Drive it like you stole it.


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