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Notable Australian Amilcars

Amilcar CS8 1930 A rare Amilcar in Australia, let alone the world. This car was a private import into Australia after being imported to the UK from France in 1959. The car was in a wrecking yard in France and only came to light after the collapse of theĀ Mallpasse arch dam in December 1959. The

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Rare French tail light surfaces in France – MYTH BUSTED!

February 16, 2015 - By 

For years there has been a mysterious tail light fitted to mainly Australian Amilcars. A neat small square light with a nice round lens, once was thought to be an Australian trade item. Many disagreed with this “theory” (which was insisted upon by the UK Amilcarists – and they couldn’t be more further from the truth!). However, it was brought to the attention that the threads for the globe were in fact metric a few years ago which certainly went to dis-prove the theory that this light was an Australian trade item – Australia was thoroughly involved in the imperial system and only went to metric in the late 60’s.

A few weeks ago a bombshell dropped like no other in the history of Australian Amilcars. I happened to be on ebay France, when a suggested item popped up in front of me. I nearly fell off my chair (as you could imagine) when I saw what looked to be an Amilcar tail light in a lot of new old stock lights. A bidding frenzy followed and after keeping it close to my chest for three days – it was mine. It arrived a week later and confirmed that this light is the same as fitted to our CGSs and in fact was new old stock and had never been fitted to a car!

So the myth is now busted – this small no name tail light (most likely a trade item) is in fact French and was most likely made for many years after the Amilcar factory ceased. I consider it a complete fluke that I stumbled across this, but it goes to show, you never know what you might find!

The Agents

Drummond’s Auto’s AUTOMOBILES LIMITED in Grote Street was the first declared agency for AMILCARS in South Australia. The Managing Director was HIRAM M. DRUMMOND and later, the agency was to take his name as sales and premises expanded. First reference in the press archives indicate publicity from 1924, there are registrations for Amilcars in South

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